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The SANC Council: 2018 – 2023

Members of the 16th South African Nursing Council

The South African Nursing Council is constituted in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005 (Act No. 33 of 2005).  The chairperson is appointed by the Minister of Health after consultation with the Nursing Council.  The vice-chairperson and standing committees are elected by the members in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005 and the Rules for the Conduct of Business.

The term of office of the 16th South African Nursing Council is 23 August 2018 to 23 August 2023.  The 16th Council held its first meeting on 12-14 September 2018.  The Honourable Minister of Health,  Dr A Motsoaledi,  appointed Dr Motlou Molepo as chairperson of the Council.

… Government Notice 18 January 2018

At the first meeting, Nursing Council members elected a vice-chairperson and the members of all standing committees.  The chairpersons of various committees will be chosen at the first meeting of each committee.

The SANC 16th Council Members